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The MagmaClustR package implements two main algorithms, called Magma and MagmaClust, using a multi-task GPs model to perform predictions for supervised learning problems. Theses approaches leverage the learning of cluster-specific mean processes, which are common across similar tasks, to provide enhanced prediction performances (even far from data) at a linear computational cost (in the number of tasks). MagmaClust is a generalisation of Magma where the tasks are simultaneously clustered into groups, each being associated to a specific mean process. User-oriented functions in the package are decomposed into training, prediction and plotting functions. Some basic features of standard GPs are also implemented.


For a quick introduction to MagmaClustR, please refer to the README at


Arthur Leroy, Pierre Pathe and Pierre Latouche
Maintainer: Arthur Leroy -


Arthur Leroy, Pierre Latouche, Benjamin Guedj, and Servane Gey.
MAGMA: Inference and Prediction with Multi-Task Gaussian Processes. Machine Learning, 2022,

Arthur Leroy, Pierre Latouche, Benjamin Guedj, and Servane Gey.
Cluster-Specific Predictions with Multi-Task Gaussian Processes. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 2023,


Simulate a dataset, train and predict with Magma

data_magma <- simu_db(M = 11, N = 10, K = 1)
magma_train <- data_magma %>% subset(ID %in% 1:10)
magma_test <- data_magma %>% subset(ID == 11) %>% head(7)

magma_model <- train_magma(data = magma_train)
magma_pred <- pred_magma(data = magma_test, trained_model = magma_model, grid_inputs = seq(0, 10, 0.01))

Simulate a dataset, train and predict with MagmaClust

data_magmaclust <- simu_db(M = 4, N = 10, K = 3)
list_ID = unique(data_magmaclust$ID)
magmaclust_train <- data_magmaclust %>% subset(ID %in% list_ID[1:11])
magmaclust_test <- data_magmaclust %>% subset(ID == list_ID[12]) %>% head(5)

magmaclust_model <- train_magmaclust(data = magmaclust_train)
magmaclust_pred <- pred_magmaclust(data = magmaclust_test,
trained_model = magmaclust_model, grid_inputs = seq(0, 10, 0.01))