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Create a GIF animation displaying how Magma or classic GP predictions evolve and improve when the number of data points increase.


  x_input = NULL,
  data = NULL,
  data_train = NULL,
  prior_mean = NULL,
  y_grid = NULL,
  heatmap = FALSE,
  prob_CI = 0.95,
  size_data = 3,
  size_data_train = 1,
  alpha_data_train = 0.5,
  export_gif = FALSE,
  path = "gif_gp.gif",



A tibble, typically coming from the pred_gif function. Required columns: 'Input', 'Mean', 'Var' and 'Index'.


A vector of character strings, indicating which input should be displayed. If NULL(default) the 'Input' column is used for the x-axis. If providing a 2-dimensional vector, the corresponding columns are used for the x-axis and y-axis.


(Optional) A tibble or data frame. Required columns: 'Input', 'Output'. Additional columns for covariates can be specified. The 'Input' column should define the variable that is used as reference for the observations (e.g. time for longitudinal data). The 'Output' column specifies the observed values (the response variable). The data frame can also provide as many covariates as desired, with no constraints on the column names. These covariates are additional inputs (explanatory variables) of the models that are also observed at each reference 'Input'.


(Optional) A tibble or data frame, containing the training data of the Magma model. The data set should have the same format as the data argument with an additional column 'ID' for identifying the different individuals/tasks. If provided, those data are displayed as backward colourful points (each colour corresponding to one individual/task).


(Optional) A tibble or a data frame, containing the 'Input' and associated 'Output' prior mean parameter of the GP prediction.


A vector, indicating the grid of values on the y-axis for which probabilities should be computed for heatmaps of 1-dimensional predictions. If NULL (default), a vector of length 50 is defined, ranging between the min and max 'Output' values contained in pred_gp.


A logical value indicating whether the GP prediction should be represented as a heatmap of probabilities for 1-dimensional inputs. If FALSE (default), the mean curve and associated 95% CI are displayed.


A number between 0 and 1 (default is 0.95), indicating the level of the Credible Interval associated with the posterior mean curve.


A number, controlling the size of the data points.


A number, controlling the size of the data_train points.


A number, between 0 and 1, controlling transparency of the data_train points.


A logical value indicating whether the animation should be exported as a .gif file.


A character string defining the path where the GIF file should be exported.


Any additional parameters that can be passed to the function transition_states from the gganimate package.


Visualisation of a Magma or GP prediction (optional: display data points, training data points and the prior mean function), where data points are added sequentially for visualising changes in prediction as information increases.


#> [1] TRUE